Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fedora 18 Virt Test day is Tomorrow, Thurs Nov 1st

The Fedora 18 Virt Test Day is Thursday, November 1st. That's tomorrow!

If you're interested in trying out some new virt functionality, we've got
step by step instructions for:

* Using snapshots to backup disk images of a live VM with no VM downtime
* Assigning a physical USB3 device to your VM
* Assign a local USB device to your VM, even if the VM is on a remote machine!
* Setting disk IO bandwidth limits on your VM
* Suspend and Hibernate your VMs
* Enabling the PV EOI performance optimization for your VMs
* Using kernel syscall filters (seccomp) to further secure your host
  against VM exploits (currently busted but we are working on a fix)

Of course, maybe you don't care about new features. We still need you! The
test day is the perfect time to make sure your virt workflow is working fine
on Fedora 18, as there will be several developers on hand to answer any
questions, help with debugging, provide patches, etc. No requirement to run
through test cases on the wiki, just show up and let us know what works (or

And to be clear, while it is greatly preferred that you have a physical
machine running Fedora 18, participating in the test day does NOT require
it: you can test the latest virt bits on Fedora 17 courtesy of the
virt-preview repo. For more details, as well as easy instructions on updating
to Fedora 18, see:

If you plan on showing up to the test day, add your name to the participant
list on the wiki, and on Thursday, pop into #fedora-test-day on freenode
and give us a shout!


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