The Fedora 19 Virt Test Day is tomorrow, Tuesday May 28th. Check out the test day landing page:

If you're interested in trying out some new virt functionality, there's step by step instructions for:

  • Live migrate a VM without the need for shared storage
  • Virtio RNG, a paravirtual random number generator for VMs
  • PCI device assignment using VFIO

Even if you aren't interested in testing new features, we still need you! The test day is the perfect time to make sure your virt workflow is working fine on Fedora 19, as there will be several developers on hand to answer any questions, help with debugging, provide patches, etc. No requirement to run through test cases on the wiki, just show up and let us know what works (or breaks).

If you can't make the date of the test day, adding test case results to the wiki anytime next week is fine as well. Though if you do plan on showing up to the test day, add your name to the participant list on the wiki, and when the day arrives, pop into #fedora-test-day on freenode and give us a shout!