Monday, September 22, 2014

Fedora 21 Virt Test Day is Thu Sep 25!

The Fedora 21 Virt Test Day is this coming Thu Sep 25. Check out the test day landing page:

If you're interested in trying out some new virt functionality, there's step by step instructions for:
  • Q35 Chipset
  • Import AArch64 image as a VM on x86
  • Install VM using OVMF/UEFI
Even if you aren't interested in testing new features, we still need you! The test day is the perfect time to make sure your virt workflow is working fine on Fedora 21, as there will be several developers on hand to answer any questions, help with debugging, provide patches, etc. No requirement to run through test cases on the wiki, just show up and let us know what works (or breaks).

And to be clear, while it is preferred that you have a physical machine running Fedora 21, participating in the test day does NOT require it: you can test the latest virt bits on the latest Fedora release courtesy of the virt-preview repo. For more details, as well as easy instructions on updating to Fedora 21, see:

If you can't make the date of the test day, adding test case results to the wiki anytime next week is fine as well. Though if you do plan on showing up to the test day, add your name to the participant list on the wiki, and when the day arrives, pop into #fedora-test-day on freenode and give us a shout!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

virt-manager 1.1.0 released!

virt-manager 1.1.0 is released! ... and should show up in F21 and rawhide shortly.

This release includes:
  • Switch to libosinfo as OS metadata database (Giuseppe Scrivano)
  • Use libosinfo for OS detection from CDROM media labels (Giuseppe Scrivano)
  • Use libosinfo for improved OS defaults, like recommended disk size (Giuseppe Scrivano)
  • virt-image tool has been removed, as previously announced
  • Enable Hyper-V enlightenments for Windows VMs
  • Revert virtio-console default, back to plain serial console
  • Experimental q35 option in new VM 'customize' dialog
  • UI for virtual network QoS settings (Giuseppe Scrivano)
  • virt-install: --disk discard= support (Jim Minter)
  • addhardware: Add spiceport UI (Marc-AndrĂ© Lureau)
  • virt-install: --events on_poweroff etc. support (Chen Hanxiao)
  • cli --network portgroup= support and UI support
  • cli --boot initargs= and UI support
  • addhardware: allow setting controller model (Chen Hanxiao)
  • virt-install: support setting hugepage options (Chen Hanxiao)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Fedora 21 virt test day moved yet again, now Thursday September 25

Third times the charm! With the ongoing F21 alpha delay, I requested the virt test day to be pushed back yet again. Now it's on Thursday September 25th. Check out the landing page for more info on the test day:

Since I'm tired of making these announcements, even if F21 is delayed some more I won't be rescheduling the test day again, so September 25th is the super official date. :)