Tuesday, March 31, 2015

bodhi-push-updates: Script for easily pushing updates to stable

I wrote a helper script that saves some clicks if you need to push a bunch of pending Fedora package updates to stable. I figure it's useful for other folks too so I published it here:


Description from the README:
Basically works like this:
  • Query all your pending updates
  • Filter out the ones that haven't reached the testing timeout, by looking for the 'can be pushed to stable' comment from bodhi.
  • For each appropriate update:
    • Show the update karma
    • Filter out bodhi process comments ('pushed to testing' etc.)
    • Filter out PASSED taskotron messages
    • Show the remaining comments
    • Prompt the user if they'd like to push this update to stable
  • Push all the requested updates to stable
So if you push a lot of updates this can save a bit of time clicking around in the web UI or invoking bodhi manually from the command line.


  1. You should probably filter out Taskotron PASSED messages only if there are no FAILED messages. Otherwise it might be confusing if it first FAILED for some reason, then PASSED, and you would hide the PASSED result.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. Just curious, will taskotron automatically retry a FAILED test? In what case would taskotron report two results in bodhi from the same test case?