I wrote a helper script that saves some clicks if you need to push a bunch of pending Fedora package updates to stable. I figure it's useful for other folks too so I published it here:


Description from the README:

Basically works like this:

  • Query all your pending updates
  • Filter out the ones that haven't reached the testing timeout, by looking for the 'can be pushed to stable' comment from bodhi.
  • For each appropriate update:
    • Show the update karma
    • Filter out bodhi process comments ('pushed to testing' etc.)
    • Filter out PASSED taskotron messages
    • Show the remaining comments
    • Prompt the user if they'd like to push this update to stable
  • Push all the requested updates to stable

So if you push a lot of updates this can save a bit of time clicking around in the web UI or invoking bodhi manually from the command line.