Today I released virt-manager-1.2.0. You can read the release announcement here

This release includes:

  • OVMF/AAVMF Support (Laszlo Ersek, Giuseppe Scrivano, Cole Robinson)
  • Improved support for AArch64 qemu/kvm
  • virt-install: Support --disk type=network parameters
  • virt-install: Make --disk $URL just work
  • virt-install: Add --disk sgio= option (Giuseppe Scrivano)
  • addhardware: default to an existing bus when adding a new disk (Giuseppe Scrivano)
  • virt-install: Add --input device option
  • virt-manager: Unify storagebrowser and storage details functionality
  • virt-manager: allow setting a custom connection row name
  • virt-install: Support --hostdev scsi passthrough
  • virt-install: Fill in a bunch of --graphics spice options
  • Disable spice image compression for new local VMs
  • virt-manager: big reworking of the migration dialog