Last night I released virt-manager-1.3.0. Not too much exciting in this release, just a lot of little improvements and bug fixes.

The highlights:

  • Git hosting moved to
  • Switch translation infrastructure from transifex to
  • Add dogtail UI tests and infrastructure
  • Improved support for s390x kvm (Kevin Zhao)
  • virt-install and virt-manager now remove created disk images if VM install startup fails
  • Replace urlgrabber usage with requests and urllib2
  • virt-install: add --network virtualport support for openvswitch (Daniel P. Berrange)
  • virt-install: support multiple --security labels
  • virt-install: support --features kvm_hidden=on|off (Pavel Hrdina)
  • virt-install: add --features pmu=on|off
  • virt-install: add --features pvspinlock=on|off (Abhijeet Kasurde)
  • virt-install: add --events on_lockfailure=on|off (Abhijeet Kasurde)
  • virt-install: add --network link_state=up|down
  • virt-install: add --vcpu placement=static|auto