Saturday, June 18, 2016

virt-manager 1.4.0 release

I've just released virt-manager 1.4.0. Besides the spice GL bits that I previously talked about, nothing too much exciting in this release except a lot of virt-install/virt-xml command line extensions.

The changelog highlights:
  • virt-manager: spice GL console support (Marc-André Lureau, Cole Robinson)
  • Bump gtk and pygobject deps to 3.14
  • virt-manager: add checkbox to forget keyring password (Pavel Hrdina)
  • cli: add --graphics gl= (Marc-André Lureau)
  • cli: add --video accel3d= (Marc-André Lureau)
  • cli: add --graphics listen=none (Marc-André Lureau)
  • cli: add --transient flag (Richard W.M. Jones)
  • cli: --features gic= support, and set a default for it (Pavel Hrdina)
  • cli: Expose --video heads, ram, vram, vgamem
  • cli: add --graphics listen=socket
  • cli: add device address.type/address.bus/...
  • cli: add --disk seclabelX.model (and .label, .relabel)
  • cli: add --cpu (and .cpus, and .memory)
  • cli: add --network rom_bar= and rom_file=
  • cli: add --disk backing_format=


  1. Can you add options for serial console? Like color scheme and font (name,size)?

    1. Hmm, maybe. Sounds like it could be a slippery slope though, I'll have to think about it, maybe the answer is just pointing people at 'virsh console $vmname' which will use native terminal settings. But please file a bug for more discussion

  2. We still need to use qemu:///session vs qemu:///system correct?

    1. Not entirely sure what you are asking, but virt-manager is still defaulting to qemu:///system, so nothing has really changed on this front.

    2. Sorry, I saw your May 22nd blog post you linked about virgl acceleration not working under qemu:///system, and hence my question whether if it's still the case or not.

    3. Yes qemu:///session is still needed for virgl 3d, but fixing it will need libvirt work, not virt-manager. see the linked bug reports from the spice gl blog post

    4. Hi, I got this working with the nouveau driver installed (Fedora 24 host & guest) but not with the proprietary driver (from RPMfusion-akmod). Is this only supported for the open source drivers?

    5. Hmm, I don't know for sure, but it's possible. I know host side mesa is involved in the stack, and I think proprietary drivers don't use mesa but provide their own opengl?

    6. Thanks for the quick reply, I really appreciate it. Yea when I was trying out the proprietary driver, one of the error lines talked about not being able to load egl (sorry, currently at work and don't have access to my PC to reproduce the error) so I'm guessing this virgl implementation won't be possible anytime soon while on the proprietary drivers. Really happy that we're finally getting some hardware GPU acceleration in the KVM/QEMU scene, thanks again!

  3. i am new to virt manager and would like to know how to specify a rom file when adding a gpu? Is this possible in virt manager?