I'm happy to announce a new release of python-bugzilla, version 2.0.0.

This release contains several small to medium API breaks as previously mentioned on the blog. If you hit any issues, check that page first to see if it's an expected change.   The major changes in the release are:

  • Several fixes for use with bugzilla 5
  • This release contains several smallish API breaks:
  • Bugzilla.bug_autorefresh now defaults to False
  • Credentials are now cached in ~/.cache/python-bugzilla/
  • bin/bugzilla was converted to argparse
  • bugzilla query --boolean_chart option is removed
  • Unify command line flags across sub commands
  • More details at: https://blog.wikichoon.com/2016/06/python-bugzilla-api-changes-in-git.html