Wednesday, March 8, 2017

virt-manager 1.4.1 released!

I've just released virt-manager 1.4.1. The highlights are:
  • storage/nodedev event API support (Jovanka Gulicoska)
  • UI options for enabling spice GL (Marc-AndrĂ© Lureau)
  • Add default virtio-rng /dev/urandom for supported guest OS
  • Cloning and rename support for UEFI VMs (Pavel Hrdina)
  • libguestfs inspection UI improvements (Pino Toscano)
  • virt-install: Add --qemu-commandline
  • virt-install: Add --network vhostuser (Chen Hanxiao)
  • virt-install: Add --sysinfo (Charles Arnold)
Plus the usual slew of bug fixes and small improvements.


  1. there is a easy way with this new version to passtrought intel gpu for windows guest machines?

    1. If you mean intel VGPU, the support for that isn't in libvirt yet. Once it's in libvirt we will look at supporting it in virt-manager/virt-install